DIY Neuron Chip Instruction

Another amazing instructions from our friends in north america.
Also nice instruction, just for making the transparent electric curcuits on glass. and ways to improve it.

i remember my own experiments with that a while ago:


That’s awesome, I just talked with 3Brain ( last week to learn how they develop organoid models. Would be amazing to develop a lower cost version. Maybe base it on a Raspberry Pi camera chip?

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In February I will have a guest talk from people of BSSE/ETH ( about it. Apart the issues with vascularity which makes the organoids die, they told me that there are recently a lot of ethical concerns (like the CRISPR your baby thing). I am not sure how really feasible is what they show in the video but I guess it is even more worrying ethically if this thing is connected to internet, though some of the things shown I think are yet very conceptual and far from be implemented. Anyway the RPI won’t be the problem, growing organoids and vascularirty is the most difficult part.

hoi zäme,
btw @alecrimi and @mmelnykowycz we are all based in Zürich, maybe we can aim at having some beers together soon and talk about those so called “recent ethical” concerns. although i don’t think they are so recent. looking back into what i was writing in 2005… but yes i am always surprised on

“All these issues are currently discussed in politics, media, academia and ethical committees. The discussion is needed and most important is has to be done between all members of society. I have the impression that many people are not aware of the fact that these technologies are already available in labs all over the worlds and…” Dusseiller, 2006.

Outlook_Micro-_and_nanoengineering_the_3-dimensi.pdf (665.8 KB)

And my DIY attempts in the end miserably failed, due to a lack of more inert coatings. I remember we tried with snail neurons, cos they are big and easy to get. maybe not the most “intelligent” brains out there though.


I have to say I am really impressed by that DIY approach from the video above, making your own magnetron sputter chamber, cell culture and everything! congrats!
but then… it’s pretty easy to just ask some peeps to receive a few MEA (micro-electrode arrays) from groups as BSSE, mentioned above.
I still have a few lying around for demo purposes, they once gave to me.

What EXACTLY we might wanna do with a bunch of neurons-on-a-chip? i have no idea, also kinda lost interest at some time. The artist Guy Ben-Ari has been working with these technologies for many years. Faint memories of having seen that exhibition somewhere… :slight_smile:

And recently our friends in BioTehna also worked with some Quantum-Sono-Biology MEA chips for whatever i forgot. I’ll see them next week…

I’m happy to meet up. I had the pleasure of meeting @alecrimi at the last Zurich Brainhack. I’m away most of December, but would have time Dec. 13-16th in the Zurich area. Hexatrode looks awesome, maybe I can help out on the materials science side for electrodes and PVD. 3Brain tech is really interesting though as you basically use an imaging chip to sense the electrical activity of the neurons. I’m not too into hooking the neurons up to the internet, but more for understanding how medications or environment affect neurological conditions.