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It would be nice to have a place to share slides, and other documentation - @dusjagr @sabgaby

Hi Biofabbers,

I have created a Google Doc to share all our photos and video. I hope you also contribute in the same folder.
I hope I am not duplicating it @dusjagr @sabgaby

@sachiko @sunoj @sabgaby @dusjagr please take a look to the previous threads for Sharing Documentation “Keynote: “Why scientific knowledge is never enough: Official science, popular knowledge and DIY practice” - Dominique Pestre” & “Indie Drugs - Gabs Sanchez” & “The accidental biohacker: enabling “citizen” driven science projects - Bethan and Philip” Let us know if this is the way to go, do not duplicate please.

This is the link to the doc @vlorenzolana is talking about:

(though, perhaps etherpads for each track/session would be a nice idea? eg

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@dusjagr @vlorenzolana @sabgaby @Bruno Can you ask to all the presenters to give you their slides and Licenced it CC-BY 4.0. Then we can put it on slideshare or create a collection on Zenodo (which is great platform created and hosted ny CERN, to allow knowledge circulating easily and to promote best open access practices.)

…or we could use this forum :slight_smile:

@Bruno it would be nice also to have your presentation online
I agree that making a collection on slideshare/zenodo is a nice solution - or @dusjagr or someone with forum admin, make a documentation category on this forum, so we can easily filter for the presentations, it would be great -

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@dusjagr…Yeah it can be on the forum. But putting it on Zenodo has many advantages it make your presentation foundable by harvesters like google scholars, the medata make your document interoperable in all platforms, and Zenodo give also the DOI number which ensure the perenity of your document even if the link is broken.


Hi everyone, what a great conference it was. Thank you for you the discussions and great time! I’ve uploaded the slides of my presentation on the Policy Brief that we are preparing for the EU.

Presentation BioFabbing Conference from Pieter van Boheemen

Where should I put it? Seems like this forum does not take pdf files…

@sabhyata.timsina @p.hasenfeld - for now, I just put a title on the hackteria project page

We can document the process here

I planted my peas and soybeans :slight_smile:

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So, I just made a google drive link for a .pdf of my slides if anyone wants them, here is the link:

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Would it be helpful to just paste the text of my presentation here or elsewhere? Not sure where to put it.

The written text is better than the spoken presentation. Because I am one of those academics that just reads a thing I wrote!

urine hormone extraction protocol
i would really love for people to replicate/ improve/ alter/ mutate
please thanks!

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Also, here is a link to the 3D printable top to the reactor [it is two pieces]: