Photos from Biofabbing Convergence!

Hello everyone! It was so wonderful and fantastic to meet and “grow” with you all last week. I am still very much processing the experience, but feel grateful to have connected with you all!

I’ve posted photographs of our journey on facebook via the link below. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Also, as I mentioned to most of you, I am working (along with Mary!) on organizing a bio-hacker / community lab event at the MIT Media Lab this fall! We have the lab reserved from September 22-24, and will also be planning some events for the day before and after. I will post more details as they evolve, but it would be incredible to have you all join!!!

Cheers and excited for the adventure ahead!!

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.
Director, Community Biotechnology Initiative
MIT Media Laboratory

Founder & Director
EMW Community Space


the facebook link is dead

Hmm it works for me, is it dead for others?

So a lot of people took pictures during the conference and I was thinking it might be a good idea to provide a space where we could kinda bring them all together. So if you have a link to some sort of repository just put it in this thread and maybe if you like post your top 3 pictures as a teaser :wink:

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ach damnit , David beat me to it

Maybe some one of the admins could move my post to his thread … thx

slowly learning how to do this… but i think it worked

Sweet, thanks Marc! And awesome snaps Ben!! @benjaminoelke is the fb link still not working for you?

so no its still not working giving me a page not found error…

this might actually be due to me not having a facebook account


I will upload mine!



Here is a facebook link with yet more pictures from last week :

And again, a big big thank to the organizers for this wonderful and very
useful job!


PS: if some of you happen to be in Paris next wednesday, I organize this
event (a discussion of the duality nature / artificial in the context
of the living, with a special emphasis on the so-called “natural wines”) :

@kongo i hate to be specific about this , but i deleted my fb account End of 2015 cause the german ombudsman for privacy and data security deleted his account and stated that fb terms of use and privacy policy didn’t comply with german standards. You know I thought for once I would listen to what my governement had to say.

soooooooo yeea

got instagram though