GYMBH - Get Your Money Back Here

Goooood Morning,

For attending BioFabbing, we have made various agreements on supporting the participants in need with adequate reimbursements and small fees for deeper involvements. With an approach of equity (not equality) we were able to support some of you and I want to thank everybody who made it all the way here without our financial help.

With some of you we could already sit down, do the admin and fill some forms…

Please visit me today at IdeaSquare, if you think you still need some money back… everything we do today I can put on our secretary’s desk tomorrow morning and will be taken care of as soon as possible. later reimbursements via email might take longer processing times.

Please bring along all receipts for your travel and already pay your hotel (if you can) and bring me the payment receipt.

I am happy to share our (at the moment slighy outdated) planning budget and add more numbers during the next day to also represent all the 3rd party support to make this event what it was (is). please also give us feedback on our financial strategy.

cu soon at IdeaSquare.

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Nice to see the people/organisations who contributed to the festival, thanks for sharing. Regarding the financial strategy, one thing that stands out is that getting people over to Geneva was one of the highest costs. Imo it is also one of the most worthwhile, having as many people as possible there, so a good decision :slight_smile:

As for my travel expenses: they’re a little lower than budgetted (hurrah) and Belgian admin requires an invoice. Is there an entity with a company number/address/name I can make this up to?