Healthy soill - carbon sequestering with blockchain

just found this video.

but have to look more deep into it.

Good idea: paying money to farmers who regenerate soil.

But why do we need blockchain for this? We have a working scheme already, only that it supports the exact opposite of regenerative agriculture…

“In 2010, the EU spent €57 billion on agricultural development, of which €39 billion was spent on direct subsidies. Agricultural and fisheries subsidies form over 40% of the EU budget.”

Regen Network

Regen Network

Regen Network is a community of actors engaging with ecological regeneration, ecological monitoring, verification, distributed computing and technology development, centered around Regen Ledger.

woah this is a great project, thanks for sharing. it seems like this ptoject has a greater impact in larger scale. do you guys also know ecosia? are you using it already? ecosia was launched 2009 at the copenhagen clima conference and is working together with bing, microssoft. this is my first link toward projects working in bigger scales and within the technology of the advancing century.

Ecosia – Wikipedia

Ecosia – Wikipedia

can’t remember where i found this… but also about CO2 storage in soils through radical change in how we think about agriculture.

I am an Ecosien for quite a while and in my opinion Ecosia is great! First of all it is a perfectly functioning search engine, secondly it invests all its profit (apart from the salary of the employees (I think 40 people) and the maintenance of the company) to very thoughtful selected treeplanting-projects around the world (all very transparent)… and last but not least it does not sell information about theirs users! Plus: It is a social company which owns itself. It cannot be sold! Definitely worth supporting! So let´s “ecos”! (instead of “google”)

Regen network is part of OpenTEAM, which is a us based project to create an open source ag tech ecosystem. Regen and NORI (for carbon credits) are part .

We (our sci) have a pilot project with Regen in which we are having data collected by our platform digitally signed on their ledger. This is for cacao farmers in South America, for a regenerative certification, but could be used for other things.