How to eat almost anything at Oki Wonder Lab!

Hi, I’m Take from Japan.
I am still finding the way to join for Oki Wonder Lab.
###How To Eat Almost Anything
is fun session that can feel the local culture, life, humanity.

I searched some FOODs only in Okinawa.
I really want to try these FOODs.

Irabu soup: sea snake soup

Habu liquor: liquor with Poisoness snake

Coconuts Crab: big terrestrial crab only in Okinawa.

reference URL:

I don’t know where can we eat it.
If someone know where can I get those, give me info.

Ah I need to add one information.
We should not eat bat this time…

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イラブー汁定食 ¥3,800 → ¥4,000

カナ定食 ¥4,500 → ¥4,800

イラブー汁付きカナ定食 ¥6,000 → ¥6,300

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