Mining machine greenhouse

Is there anyone doing design for mining machine? I’m just throwing random idea here, I was working for a greenhouse design project in Tibet, I had this idea in 2018 to combine mining machine in greenhouse but I didn’t have enough skill to make it, nor the understanding of crypto, never had chance to go back to the community since Covid started either. Now I have seen some cases in Canada with the same idea, also some vision for crypto. It will be super to have any feedback in any aspects, moral, technology, economic, agriculture, electricity consuming, if you are interested. I wonder if it could get us cheaper gas fee with better understanding in mining technique.

I know it is maybe very unlikely to power it with solar, especially DSSC, I am very into DIY DSSC, I will be happy to know any expert here who knows DSSC making. The idea is to power the greenhouse and the mining machine with DIY solar cell.

And also can put some NFT in the pot too.

The mining heated greenhouse

Greenhouse construction wiki:

DIY DSSC with recycled window:

Hello, I work a sort a similar idea from more 1 year. I have built my own computer for crytomining… My point is I try to combine so much complex and difficult things in the same sort of sculpting… and have a food job. So, made a cryptomining machine is not difficult. Just materials

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hey, the smart candy’s / lolly’s project started as a “lick ye’r lolly&mine crypto for the idiots!” we’ve been to early again…
the blockchain was broken or not yet exist… i guess it is better times for this kinda stuff now



hey Zohar ! Yep, U’re too faster. Fun projetc, I go to check more about electrocutting crypto-miners :rofl:

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long time no see! great video! But I don’t see why it is related to blockchain…

Also this is interesting, this dude build this crypto greenhouse in 2019, totally a city dude, he built it because of his 3-years old son love plants!

yo abao watch it till the end

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You got me busted! ok so it’s a high aim philosophical Bitcoin joke…

Hi, thanks for the reply! but what do you mean food job? you mean cooking?

a specultive joke like life is…

anyway im into this only if you grow weed or shrooms!

I think its about time to grow weeeeed! I’m finally old enough am 40 now!

I see some people start to study air circulation online only to cool mining machine down, it’s totally greenhouse idea. The funny thing is I found several cooling method for real “mining”.

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It’s interesting, I thought also to connect fermentation to use the energy of heat to fast forward process of growing

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