[Next European community bio online meeting on May 12] CALL FOR IDEAS

Hi again, on May 12 at 7pm CET we should have our next European community bio meeting: in the last meeting we agreed on deciding the topic for the next meeting online, but as far as I know, no proposals were advanced.

Thus, I want to recap some of the hypotheses that were mentioned:

  • explore the possibility of a regional European biosummit, or something similar: we are discussing in the biosummit meta-leads and governance meetings also the possibility and the feasibility of financial support for these meetings of regional nodes from the biosummit-related organizations themselves

  • a meeting on the current scenarios for funding, sponsors etc

  • another meeting with some presentations around a specific topic: for example, if the topic were environmental monitoring or bioremediation, I might share something about my project on detecting mutagens and if I recall correctly marc dusseiler said that we might also have something about their open soil research effort etc

Any thoughts or other ideas?

As far as I have seen It’s only on Zoom for online meeting. Right?

Will there be any other meeting happening soon?