Community Bio Summit @MIT Media Lab!

Hello Biofabbing Family!

I mentioned this to many of you, but I’m working (with an awesome team, including Mary!) on organizing a Community Bio Summit at the MIT Media Lab this fall! The hope is to build on the energy and enthusiasm from Biofabbing and merge / meld with both U.S. and other bio-hackers / labs from around the world.

(1) A save-the-date website is here:

(with group photo from biofabbing, hope that is OK to use! We are building a separate website that will be up soon)

(2) If you are interested in joining the organizing team please let me know! There is a great team at the Media Lab and also folks from U.S. labs (Genspace, BioCurious, Counter Culture Labs, etc.) that are also helping. Both Joi Ito (my boss @ML) and George Church are excited about this gathering and available to participate as well :slight_smile:

Ok that is it for now, I hope to see you all in the fall in Boston!!!


David, this looks awesome! I’ll tell all my bio-philic friends about it. Unfortunately, I’ll be back in the grind so won’t be able to make it :-{