Oki Mobile Labo Van Junior in the making

For the upcoming activities of Oki Wonder Lab, where we will shift locations of work and research many times during the next 3 weeks, we are now strating to continue to improve @Ryuoyama Toru’s Van into a Mobile Lab. Everybody also welcome to suggest some painting and graphics for the outside @larrybangbang

It’s also the first entry on the Research Nodes that we started to document on the wiki.

Size doesn’t matter… it’s such a “kaawwaaiii” little van, and Toru has already installed a solar panel and has a fancy charge controller with USB, 12V and 110VAC output (500W). A small sink and kitchen also is in place, water pump installed, tiny little foldable bar for serving to the outside… and it’s “officially” registered as a kitchen in case we want to sell some food on the streets.

So we can now develop it further to do other experiments, soldering @squaresolid has already been tested, add some kitch pimp-up-my lab pink LED strips will be mounted tonite! Everybody welcome to give some advise, especially the Uber-Master of Lab-in-Cyano-Van @paulapin24 Sensei! See her example in this video. How to add shelves, drawers, little gadgets and style!





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Tomorrw 28. March we have a remote learning session with Pin Sensei ピン先生と, where @paulapin24 will show us things and bits to put in places in the Cyano Van.
Stay tuned for detailed schedule.

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