Oki Mobile Labo Van Junior in the making

For the upcoming activities of Oki Wonder Lab, where we will shift locations of work and research many times during the next 3 weeks, we are now strating to continue to improve @Ryuoyama Toru’s Van into a Mobile Lab. Everybody also welcome to suggest some painting and graphics for the outside @larrybangbang

It’s also the first entry on the Research Nodes that we started to document on the wiki.

Size doesn’t matter… it’s such a “kaawwaaiii” little van, and Toru has already installed a solar panel and has a fancy charge controller with USB, 12V and 110VAC output (500W). A small sink and kitchen also is in place, water pump installed, tiny little foldable bar for serving to the outside… and it’s “officially” registered as a kitchen in case we want to sell some food on the streets.

So we can now develop it further to do other experiments, soldering @squaresolid has already been tested, add some kitch pimp-up-my lab pink LED strips will be mounted tonite! Everybody welcome to give some advise, especially the Uber-Master of Lab-in-Cyano-Van @paulapin24 Sensei! See her example in this video. How to add shelves, drawers, little gadgets and style!





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Tomorrw 28. March we have a remote learning session with Pin Sensei ピン先生と, where @paulapin24 will show us things and bits to put in places in the Cyano Van.
Stay tuned for detailed schedule.


i think maybe it can be a way to make ppl in street in Okinawa and Spain to interact with each other, through the camera installed in both van. Can set up a duration with exact hour for this interaction. dont know how to motivate the interaction to happen, just thought this international interaction take place in this quarantine day is interesting, might be fun as a performance. But i think the output of the interaction has to be very visible to attract more participants…

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