Travel and Accommodation - Oki Wonder Lab

Preparations are rolling!.. and many of us are wondering how to travel to join Oki Wonder Lab.

Please check our planned Schedule, starting from 25. March, and hopefully gathering all the participants latest by 2/3. April, and continue our activities until the 15. April.
Feel free to directly post questions below this thread.

First: Travel Support
We are trying to fully cover all the travel expenses from our production budget. Please organize your own travel/flights, and tell us soon about your arrival schedule. Get into direct contact with @dusjagr for discussing the reimbursements.

Second: Worries about COVID-19
Of course many of us are worried about the current situation with the global COVID-19 situation.
From our understanding, Okinawa is a relatively safe place to be at the moment.
Many of us are travelling through and from Taiwan, which also has a very stable situation. See this website for more info about travel advise from Taiwan. As we cannot foresee how the situation will develop, and it’s moving fast, we are just continuing our preparations, and react to the upcoming changes.
If you are feeling sick yourself, we advise NOT to join our activities.

Because the number of international participants has been shrinking to a small group, we are happy to announce, that we can most probably also host all other regional guests coming to visit Oki Wonder Lab over the upcoming phase. Some information about the accommodation can be found on the wiki. Please get in contact with us here on the forum or directly so we can keep track of our bedology!

I’m bummed to miss this one! But hope we gather again soon. Wishing all travelers good health!

I also want to come and participate in Oki Wonder Lab can you please let me know as you told that cost will be fully covered?

thanks for your interest. Sorry to clarify, we have selected a group of participants over the last months and can only cover those costs. For additional visitors, please get in touch with us, about your interests, schedule etc. and we see what is possible.

Sure it’s fine let me know if anything still available I will be looking forward to that thank you

It’s fine I am still waiting for your response when you get something ok looking forward to hearing from you. If you have activities in June until mid of July I am also available for that. Thank you

Hi, I’m @Take from Japan but not Okinawa…

I am planing to join Oki wonder lab from 2nd to 6th.
Move with Henry @theyrneh , artist from Thiland.

Before Naha, we will be Ishigaki-island for 1day.
I’ll find any seed of project in the trip.
Maybe … interest food… stinky one.

Looking forward to see you in Okinawa or online!

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So nice to hear you can make it @Take!

Travel pre-cautions
Please all other participants arriving from other cities in Japan, inform us about your travel schedule. There is also a responsibility (Sorgfalt) towards the local people on Okinawa, and some places will not be able to be visited to protect the local population from potential COVID-19 infection. And be careful to use personal protection and hygiene through-out your travel.
@theyrneh, @aih, @cfrog, @weiweiweiwear, @akiwaya, @trembl, @Tomatofunk, @sachiko

As mentioned above, we will be able to have basic accommodation for everyone, as the group is a bit smaller than originally aimed for. See more info on the wiki. We will constantly update the info about our different venues and schedule. There is a camping trip on the remote island of Maejima planned (5-7. April… to be confirmed), so bring along a sleeping bag, we can also find extra equipment locally.

I’m afraid @citrakirana.eli and I can’t be joining physically as well. Kinda trapped in Bangkok in this community:
I will come to Japan in another time before this year.
We brought some yeast also some kretek cigarettes, maybe we can do some remote session of making tapay from here.
But also open to just say hello and hang out!


Hi @dusjagr, hi Everyone,

I was planning to come to Okinawa on April 2nd/3rd - and I am still planning to come! - but we should have a close eye on the travel recommendations and actions that are currently been taken in/around Tokyo. I do hope it all works out!

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Hiii @dusjagr, and Everyone,

I am going to come to Okinawa /Naha airport on April 1st, 8pm.
and still in Tokyo since last year.
looking forward to see you guys!

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