The Bus is waiting..... to Hackuarium

9:30 Pick-UP!!!


I hope everybody understood the program of today.
A large part of the group has the opportunity to visit Hackuarium in Renens (that’s another city 45minutes away). there you can interact with the local biohacking community, makerspaces and accellerators and everything. See the other posts [quote=“vlorenzolana, post:1, topic:106”]
On the 13th May there is a visit to Hackuarium &. neighbour’s.

other things to do…

For everybody who prefers to stay in IdeaSquare (like if you have a plane at 4 or smething), it is open for us to work, interact, document and continue hacking

We also offer some workshops at Utopiana with local art communities and neighborhoods, starting at 14:00.
Sofar we have:

  • Hiroo on Ayurveda and Biohacking
  • Geger on Fermentation and making Tempeh
  • you!

How can we enter at Ideasquare? It is close, there is anyone at the door and BioFabbing papers with the telephones has been removed! I need to pick up some stuff before go to Hackuarium. Is there anyone in there?

I’ll be there and ask urs.

Hallo. Selamat Pagi. Good Morning.

I am Geger from - Indonesia. BAD NEWS: our tempeh are rotten

  • both we made from the lantil beans and the soy beans, Too much heat over
    the fancy coffee machine.

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