Peer2pickle - nice workshop series and show

nice what our (formerly) finnish friends just did in NY:

​The exhibition asks artists to examine the problem of food waste and address it through their particular methods of problem solving. Mo Chieh / 莫捷 has researched how food is being wasted in her home country of Taiwan as well as local remedies to the problem through her documentary titled Perfect Vegetables . Andrew Gryf Paterson uses the gallery as a durational workshop space in the experimentation with waste food and production of his Edible Paper Experiments . Justin Tyler Tate extends the lifespan of waste foods through a myriad of preservation techniques and introduces them to the audience through an installation as well as two dinner events. Agnieszka Pokrywka challenges the audience’s comfort zone in her series of tutorials titled ReUse Yourself which transform bodily byproducts into edible and usable substances.