Phages - isolating from soil

Are there any experiments about phages?
greetings, thomas

i guess with that question you just started one :slight_smile:

Yaaay!! I’m in!!
we can play around with medical phage-preparations from georgia (I’ll bring some) and try to isolate phages ourselves - i did not try from soil so far.
we will need to culture a host strain on solid and liquid media. which organism(s) are you be interested in and could you bring the strain as well as suitable culture medium? that would be nice. otherwise we will need quite some improvisation…

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hei julian,
our biolab won’t be super equiped, so if you think to bring more advanced and functional sterile stuff, pipettes et al, please do so. i got some petris, but they have been open for long.

i will also bring some basic chemicals, but add to the pot.


My CaCl2 is empty. noooooooooo…
wanted to do some spherification for the food&eating experiments. got loooaaads of Natrium Alginate.


I can bring some Calazoon (food grade sodium lactate) - should do the same thing.