psyFert - The Psychic Fertility Clinic at Rosekill, Kingston NY July 28 - 30

Call for Initiates: psyFert - Psychic Fertility Clinic

BEAK (the Bioart Ethical Advisory Commision) has rubber stamped The Lineago sect of the Heredilites Journal for Interstellar Health aupported joint Summer 2017 DIY psyFert/NADLinc Lab and you have a chance to be a part.
Hands on Bioart labs by rockstar contemporary bioartists:
Adam Zaretsky presents: Vegetarian DNA coconut lipofection rubdown
Mary Maggic presents: Hormone aromatherapy: HCG ovarian hyperstimulation lab

Additional DIY-Bioart lectures/labs include: introduction to psychic fertility, sperm electroporation, hybrid DNA isolation, psychic genetic counseling for individuals, couples and more, future seedcasting, performing human subjects research, uterine fields employment opportunities, DIY enhancement and mutant enrichment methods with commentary on DIY birth control, abortion and home sterilization and humanure sculpting.

Bioart-Bodyart intensives helps public understanding of how to genetically modify your future offspring while giving the widest possible options for what kinds of kin can be redesigned. Be ready to have your genome read, alterations suggested and your preconceptions conceived. Develop your own bioart-bodyart performance methodology. Also, swim, camp and make merry.

Rosekill Farm is sixty acres of rural land. On this beautiful land, performance artists come from around the world to attend and participate in many outdoor festivals for Performance Art. Camping is available as well as a nearby AirBnB.
Price does not include transport or AirBnB. Slightly reduced rate for those willing to provide royalty free samples of their genome and germcells for future psyFert research.

Included in the price is Catered Meals by Chef Mor Pipman:
Friday Lunch, Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner as well as space for camping.
BYOB sunscreen, tent, bathing suit, bug spray and medical props!

Directions from New York City: Trailways from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Rosendale. 646-578-3402

Mary Maggic of Open Source Estrogen:

Adam Zaretsky of VASTAL (Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.)

psyFert Schedule

Noon Lunch
1pm-5pm Patient Inception – Alt Forms – Uterine Fields
5PM – 7PM EcoArt sculpting with humanure
7PM Dinner
8:30 pm
Dr. Adam Zaretsky - psyFert: psyFert :: the Psychic Fertility Clinic

9:30 pm IVF-VJ with the Errorarium – DIY Reprogenetics

Noon Lunch
1PM-4PM Hybrid DNA Isolation and Coconut Aloe Lipofection
7PM Dinner
8:30 PM
Mary Maggic – Pregnant Hormone
9:30 IVF-VJ with the Errorarium II :: Sterilization, Abortion and Birth Control

Art Clinic for Performance Patients
DIY IGM (Do it yourself Genetic Modification of the human genome)
Noon – 3PM

oh my sweet lord of hedonism… I was in your neck-o-the-woods last week, and the very thought of having missed this by just a few days is making me go weak in my knees