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Hoi Zäme,
It’s the time of the year, where freaks, nerds, geeks and hackers all over the world are getting into the chaos of preparing for the “biiiiiig” Chaos Communication Congress, this year as a remote experience!

As we have initiatied a new shared hackerspace here in Zürich “Bitwäscherei”, co-habitation of different local groups such as CCCzh, SGMK and a few others, aswell as opening our Hackteria ZET - Open Science Lab, we will be present as one of the Chaos Studios, decentral remote local, and have quite a visibility in the grander r3C.

Let’s talk about a Global Virtual Hackteria Network Assembly during the duration of r3C!!

There will be many virtual channels we can play with. One main tool to navigate all the congress crazyness will be through “workadventure”, a 2d retro-game style world all connected. We can have maybe our own little island somewhere to hang out together.

We are already planning a “Bioinformatics Hacks Workshop” with @Gnip, Adam Zaretzky.

Ping here if you are interested to start planning such an assembly in more detail together!


Great news!! I’d be very happy to get involved with planning this assembly.

It is also a great chance to reflect on our HUMUS sapiens activities and think about how to continue in 2021. As a little reminder - here is the link to last years chaotic congress contribution by Maya, Malte and me:


Things are rolling… many more people in the network have been connected over the last few days.

Update 1: registered the Hackteria Assembly to rC3.

Update 2: Getting up some details about the RandoGeneCode Workshop with Adam Z

… and working hard on our remote islands to hang out together virtually. Preview is here:

@lu_cyP @marymaggic @Gnip, @mamaya, @julian, @bengtsjolen
Looking forward to hear more on who wants to join and contribute to the activities!


I will join you, too

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slowly perparing our own “world” to connect all the global Hackteria Network Islands…

Also figured out to share the link to “just” join one of the jitsiRoom, in case you wanna join a hang-out from your phone. (the small island with the veggies is the jitsiRoom atm)

Who wants to join geeking with this Tiled software?

Also we finished a little Sauna region up in the cold north to interact with @agryfp_hack

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I started to announce it more broadly… wrote some stuff on the website and wiki.

Would be great to get more contributions!

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There has been some confusion and miscommunication about this year’s ticketing system.
Yes it will be limited tickets for the full access to all virtual activities, due to limited scalability of server infrastrucutres and volunteers.

SAVE THE DATE: More tickets will be available from 12th December here:

But no worries, we’ll be able to host our own activities neverttheless with all of you joining the hackteria global network assembly, workshops, panels and all the programm, also with other means, than those.

But it would be great if you get one in time! (i also still don’t have one)

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ok, I think I understand more, and one of our JOGL colleagues is big on CCC…
will try to join in the 2d virtual thing again soon…
will mention it all at the Hackuarium board meeting this eve.
danke sehr!!

took at little wander, and see some things of interest - but not sure how to do things really… :wink:

Get your tickets now!!


Thanks for the reminder Marc, I got one!

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Looking forward to look into the CHAOOOS!

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One more week and the chaos will commence! (in fact it already started…)

Please, everybody! reply here to participate in one form or the other!
today (and upcoming days) we gotta fix a schedule for our hackteria - global network assembly actvitities.
I have now the link to a tool to publish our programm into the main “Fahrplan”. And i can add all of you to it. to help writing up the details of our activities.

Please ping me up, so i can introduce you directly in to the planning.

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let’s do our first HUMUS sapiens remote retreat.
open discussions about humus (in all varieties) and the future of sapiens.

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Yeah! Remote soil geeking!!

i added a dedicated page on the hackteria wiki:

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ok so the schedule seems slowly closing, here a leak. if somebody still wants to contribute remotly send me a title and short description and proposal of schedule and time.

27th 14-20h still some slots
28th 14h- 22h closed
29th 14 - 23.59 slots open
30th 14- 23.59 slots open

send me infos here:

marry x-mas

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we are in!!!

Looking forward to see you all virtually!

mbe this link works for all of you:

and we have the following BBB throughout the adventure. also accessible without a ticket:

You find the entry in the rC3 world via the section from the lobby to “misc” and right to “technology” and then north-.east.

This is just a little teleport to join our hackteria island or bitwäscherei.
see you around.

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IOTA Institute & Incubator Art Lab will be streaming from Hackteria’s world in Remote Chaos Experience on IOTA’s youtube from 16h00 to midnight today!
Stop in anytime:

Uploading: IG Poster-Livestream2 - AWAITING APPROVAL.png…

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Updated this page with the finalized programm, so lets hope that the video documentation of the past events will be online soon.

here also the link to the venue with more generale information where you all can watch the vidoes, forever. CCC actually is a stream of media of independent contribution of people around the world related to wiki leaks, digital rights and opensource tools.

for some clearifying infos go visit the blog

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Check this out r3C - Remote Chaos Experience | Assembly of Global Hackteria Network! - Let's talk here