Reflecting on our expedition to "the laaaast" human genome editing summit, London 2023

I am putting on this new thread to discuss together our thoughts from being at the HGE Summit in London. You can watch all the talks and discussion on the website of the summit.

Also we can share some articles, references, books, interesting projects by artists and other things collectively here.

If you wanna share some photos or other files, feel free to use this shared cloud drive.

another online discussion coming up

A free-to-attend online event about the HFEA’s current consultation on reforming fertility and embryo law.

The event will be chaired by Sarah Norcross with speakers including Peter Thompson, Chief Executive of the HFEA. Other speakers on the panel will include Dr Kay Elder, James Lawford Davies, Dr Rachel Gregoire and Venessa Smith.

I’m writing a blog post about HGE summit.

I would like to reuse pics above (credit + cc by sa) if it’s okay for you and I can blur faces in its if you want.

What do think ?