[Session] Amylase Alcohol / Klöntal Chicheria

I would love to make an amylase schnapps session. That means, we attempt to produce alcohol with the minimum requirements and what’s at hand: our bodies and some carbohydrates. A few folks around the earth figured out that the amylase in our saliva breaks down carbohydrates into sugars, which then again are fermented into alcohol through wild yeast.

Multispecies Community Building.

I’d bring:

  • carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, bread)
  • seal-able containers to hold our raw material

You’d bring

  • your mouth for chewing and story telling

I’d take the containers home, where I’d add some water and let them ferment in a happy environment. After a few weeks I filter (and pasteurize on request) the ferments and send them to wherever you are.

I have successfully made myself drunk upon my own amylase schnapps. In the picture you see some unfiltered rice-wine.

very gud. we are already brewing some “Kilju”

thanks to our finnish friends.


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and a video comment from our slovenian friends…

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I remember that …

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Should not we have Knödel to go with it so won’t get too drunk?
the very special Appenzella Knödel?

And we will make a black goodness herb soup/or tea jelly sweet for the listening session of “echo of the lake” (two session scheduled on Sat morning & late evening).

Yes, black soup for morning glory and black tea jelly after Schnapps,
the blackness come from the same grass - Platostoma palustre aka Chinese mesona (mint family).

Hallo all,

I am pei

;’)) see ya all

LIU Pei-Wen …/ sound artist, cultural facilitator and researcher

劉佩雯…/ 聲音藝術家與藝術策動

Can do! If we have enough stale bread, I’ll do serviettenknödel :wink: Will little fish participate in the retreat? <3

The potato-chicha is coming along well. After some consideration and discussions during the session I brought it to a boil first at home and re-infused it with some prune-ferment-water. There is some bubbling action going on already.