Workshop: HTEAA - Klöntal goes Wild #### How To Eat Almost Anything


Really happy that our friends form earlier HTEAA sessions are joining the Retreat!

Welcome @Take, fabber and agro-robotics geek from Hamamatsu, Japan, who also looooooves to eat insects!

An our friend from Taiwan, @beyondchern, I-Chern, botanist, gardener and eco-artist, who looooooves to eat plants!

How To Eat Almost Anything was initiated in Seoul, S. Korea, as a response to various discussions in Fablab netoworks on how to integrate more biology into digital fabrication laboratories, how such courses and workshops can be developed to be open, shared and inspiring, educational methods and kinda a critique to the HTGAA (How To Grow Almost Anything) Academy offered by MIT et al.

Looking forward to have dedicated sessions and discussions, eating experiments and hikes together!

12 days to go!!!


Yes, I’m so exciting for finding out edible things in Switzerland !


Hi my name is Take from Japan.
I will hold a workshop “HTEAA”.

I’ll take some Japanese fermented food.

If you can bring something wired food, please bring it!!
Something stincky, Something dangerous, Something fermented, edible insect, Wired meet…

Very welcome to bring it !!
I wanna eat European wired foods.

Thank you,



Hi Take,

in what food to you want me to stick wires?

I can bring sour Lungs from Munich.


Andreas Kopp erfindergarden
tel/whatsapp: +4915124122746
Oefelstr. 4, 81543 München

Unsere Workshop in München, Wien und Berlin -->


Hi Andreas!!

Thank you for your reply!!
I have not seen sour Lungs.
Yes, please bring it!!


Do you mean weird when you Say wired ? Weird in The Sense Crazy unusual funky?