Submitting abstract on Fermentation to Media Art Histories 2019

Hi all, still a few days to submit to MAH2019 in Aalborg Denmark. I will talk about my ongoing engagement with Fermentation as a resliant art practice, will draw on Humus sapiens and other symbiotic projects

[RE:SOUND – 8th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology 2019](

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Title: artistic fermentation practices as upcycling of local and temporary abundances

Author 1:
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Degger
Organization: hackteria
Country: United Kingdom

Contact Author: Author 1

Alternate Contact: +447456092185

Topic(s): Art and Technology: Methodologies, Practices, Histories

Keywords: fermentation, humus sapiens, sciart, backterias,feve, yeasts, bacterias, botanicals

Abstract: Further thoughts on fermentation as a resilient practice used by artists as upcycling of local and temporary abundances; how artsciart practitioners use aspects of fermentation as metaphor, art and bio-political sustenance.
This presentation draws on the projects initiated by Hackteria(Humus sapiens) Fo.Am(Splinterfields) and the Herbologies as well as a general survey of fermentation practices.
The paper will concentrate on situating fermentation as a metaphor, an art making technique and a transformative practice.

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