Biohacking for 5 years! Hackuarium Bday!

Hello, everyone!
As suggested by Marc, I post here to invite everyone to come celebrate 5 years of biohacking at Hackuarium. The party will be Saturday 5oct, from 11-?? and will include a BeeMoS workshop and at least one workshop by a special guest… (more on that soon! )
Hackuarium had a tough last couple of years, but we seem to have come out ok, with a shared space in the context of a cooperative group (including Octanis, that was ‘born’ at Hackuarium, and Polymeka, some really cool makers). Unfortunately, this space is already destined for destruction, in the next 3-5 years, so we have quite a challenge ahead to make ourselves really sustainable. All the more reason to celebrate the ripe old age of five?!! :wink:
Hope you can come!
Please RSVP at hello(at)hackuarium(point)ch .