The plant-powered camera trap challenge

Howdy Hackterians,

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that Arribada and Open Plant have a challenge on at the moment to design and manufacture a prototype open source plant-BES (bio electrochemical system) to power a camera trap and environmental sensors in tropical forests. More info here -

Theres an award of £10,000 to cover prototyping materials and travel to get whoever wants to design the system (individual or a team) out into the field to deploy it too.

We’ve calculated the system will need about 25 plants with ~35.2cm2 surface area in series to get us up to a potential of 5v and 5000mC of charge into a capacitor each day, enough we believe to take wake the camera, take a single photo of change in the Amazon rainforest and go back to sleep. Sounds like fun hey!

All the best,

Alasdair | Arribada Initiative

Concept art

such a fun challenge!