Want to learn how to work with C.Elegans

Hey guys, got the impression that I’m alone on this network !! I’ve created a non-profit DIY research lab on cancer and aging in France (website is for soon). We got outstanding results and even released an article in ABC journal on Metabolic Syndrome. Since working on mice is not allowed for us, we’d like to test our in vitro results in worms. For this reason, I’d be pleased to be tought how to cope with these little things.

Thx a lot.

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Hi Laurent

I think the community on here is pretty sparse. I sent out a hello 24 days ago asking if there is anyone in Birmingham, UK but no responses. Think we are mainly isolated individuals.

I’d love to help you out but have no nematode experience. Hope we both get some responses. It’s eerily quiet in here.

Best regards
Claire Peterson

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A few years ago we did some work with C. elegans. We prepared E. coli on LB medium and fed C. elegans on NGM with agar. I can of course send you the protocols, but I would have to translate them from Slovenian.

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Hi Laurent, I worked with C. elegans awhile ago, email me at biodiversityconnections@gmail.com with more info about your experiments or questions and I might be able to help. Otherwise I still have friends in the worm community who I can ask.

Good luck!


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Thx a lot Claire !! At least good to hear of someone lol :wink:… All the best

Thx a lot Adeline !! Nice to get some feed back !! Actually, I’m interrested in anything that copes with C. Culture, mutagenesis and prot/DNA extraction but I’ll e-mail u 4 sure

Great !! 4 sure I’d like though I should be able to find online protocols. The idea would be to go for real physical coaching here or in ur country… Let’s keep in touch. :wink:

Might be useful, all the labs working with C. Elegans,

In the past I have seen workshops on their genetics.


Thx a lot Brian !!! Will have a look at this

Dear Laurent,

There is Rachel Aronoff from Hackuarium Citzen Science biohacking Lab in Eclubens, Switzerland (near Lausanne) and I know she has been working on/with C. Elegans.
have a look here: I can also help contacting

P1 Lab Activities - Hackuarium


P1 Lab Activities - Hackuarium

](P1 Lab Activities - Hackuarium)



Oh thanks a lot Maya !!! Actually I saw there’s much of activity in Switzerland. For example I tried to contact Gaudez in Luzern but no feed back :weary:… I’d be pleased if u’be got an email adress or phone numb.

Thx sooo much !!