Workshop: Echo of the Lake

PTzN // Echo of the Lake - Despite all the visible influences on the ecosystem of the region, once again we will take a walk around the lake to investigate how sound echos towards the surrounding and how other sounds come through the lake from different aspects of human activities. During the field research, we would record synchronised tracks of four, of each a different angel. Listening Workshop will be divid into two parts : 1. Approx. 45 mins) What is an echo in the nature environment? We will listen to various of soundscape examples of field recording and its manipulation. 2. Approx. 45 mins) Field Research of “Echo of the Lake” Kloental.


hi pei, can we already fix a date and time for this?
thanks you!

time is fixed for 23.9. saturday 10am first part and 23.9. saturday 10pm second part

The echo workshop interests me, so I 'm wondering if we heare anything…? But since I got in contact with this noisy proton measuring maschin in that very very dark atelier room up in the mountains here… :))) I can imagine a translater of the echo too. Courios and probably … it gonna go again in a other direction , hm? Wondering looking forward