Workshop: Paradise Garden remake


hey here’s IChern again.

I would like to do a workshop based on one of my previous project:
But this time more focus on the symbolic meaning from other senses, for example the spicy taste of ginger makes ginger a plant that symbols warm etc. But ginger is too boring so we need to involve lots of plant/ soil/ stone/ whatever eating/ touching/ listening to created the meaning out of them.

I only have a rough idea like this so far so any suggestions are super welcomed!!!


That is brilliant, i actually are producing a gingerbeer at the moment, so the taste of ginger threw fermentation.


what else is what is interesting me is how you preceive plants. There is a vast amount of edible wild plants here at klöntal and most of them have healing aspects. If one gets trained into plant, they somehow are able to see what benefits a plant has only by its physiogenomics. I am interested to join your knowledge about plants in asia with local knowledge from here and try to approach on a comperatistic way.


I would only like to register a protest against the above assertion. I mean, if we allow that then what next? Cilantro is too serious? Black mustard seeds are too preppy? Star anise is too pretentious?

spokesperson for the humble herb/spice