Access to CERN wifi-network

Great to hear that you were already informed about preparing to get wi-fi access.
you can still do it when you arrive or get it rolling before.
here is some instructions

all guest access needs to be confirmed from our host: Toivonen Harri
he then has to click something on his phone and your online.


you’ll need the network hardware adress (sometimes also called MAC-adress), it might find it automatically if you are already in the CERN premises. there is individual adress for your ethernet or wiki hardware.
for phones you need to register an additional hardware adress, see on the picture how to find it.

thanks harri for clicking us all in!

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thank you, wonderful!

Ahaa! So Toivonen Harri was the insider! Great, thanks Marc

> Dr_Ham is not coming up on a list of CERN contact persons, neither is Marc, to complete my wifi app is not happening

got it never mind, Toivonen Harri not Ham!

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