Anyone know does fermentation(kombucha) reduce solanine? and how to verify it at home (except just drink it hah)?


Just wondering if anyone had fermented edible plants that have a high level of solanine. There are tons of black nightshades in the field I am working on. The leaves are common food for the elder Taiwanese. There are also many mature (dark purple) fruits on plants. In the past, kids took a few as treats. I was searching for if these fruits are actually safe to consume. Also, I found the traditional recipes that the Chinese fermented the fruits into flavored wine. This inspired me to try them with kombucha.

And the result is a very active fermentation. But I am wondering if the solanine is reduced? Is any way I can verify it at home? except take a sip hah ( for the burning throat)

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forgot to include the name of the plant i used:
Solanum americanum, commonly known as American black nightshade.

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in my knowledge just the green parts of the plants contains effective amounts of solanin. But I am not 100% sure with that…