Biohacking 101 Class happening NOW


news from Josiah:

I want to thank everyone for your signing up for this class. The response has been overwhelming. People are still signing up today! Your kits are coming. The response has set us a little behind but if you haven’t received your kit yet you will receive it with the 2 month shipments going out now.

Month 2 means we are starting Chapter 3 of molecular biology of the cell. Finish up the material for Month 1 if you can!

The next live class is on Feb 6th 4PM California Time(check your time zones)

The live class will be at

Videos already done and future videos will be upload to the channel afterwards and will be located at

You can find the syllabus for the class at:

You can find documents and materials for the class at:

Please read this document for what to do for the first month

Please join the Facebook group at

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.



Month 2 will be about Proteins

You can find all the associated documents and information in the Month 2 google drive folder:

Sorry about late supplies. We just hired someone else to help get things out faster. Month 2 and Month 3 will be shipped out together this week for everyone.

Next Live Class will be tomorrow Feb 6th at 4PM PT California Time

They will be live at:

Bring your questions. All class will be recorded and on uploaded to

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You can find links to the Syllabus and the book we are using at

Please join our Facebook Group

You can find guides for the experimental part of the class at


Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO


Hoi zäme,

grad gesehen, dass sich da scheinbar eine neue gruppe formiert, Hacking Bio/Electro Meet-up Kick-off.

Am dienstag 19te Feb im BQM. ich selbst werde schon aunderwägs sein nach SF.



and watching this…


We plan to discuss the paper “Dynamic Personalities of Proteins”:

The livestream will begin at 4PM at

All kits have been shipped out by now so if you haven’t received it yet, you should soon.

See you there,

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO


i just found this exensive article on Medium about DIYbio - Almost Everything You Need to Know About “Biohacking”. It’s pretty well written, looks into the history, misses out quite a few things. but also clearly states that it’s a personal and US-biased article. but still quite a lot of good links to resources, stores, articles and initiatives.