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news from Josiah:

I want to thank everyone for your signing up for this class. The response has been overwhelming. People are still signing up today! Your kits are coming. The response has set us a little behind but if you haven’t received your kit yet you will receive it with the 2 month shipments going out now.

Month 2 means we are starting Chapter 3 of molecular biology of the cell. Finish up the material for Month 1 if you can!

The next live class is on Feb 6th 4PM California Time(check your time zones)

The live class will be at

Videos already done and future videos will be upload to the channel afterwards and will be located at

You can find the syllabus for the class at:

You can find documents and materials for the class at:

Please read this document for what to do for the first month

Please join the Facebook group at

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.



Month 2 will be about Proteins

You can find all the associated documents and information in the Month 2 google drive folder:

Sorry about late supplies. We just hired someone else to help get things out faster. Month 2 and Month 3 will be shipped out together this week for everyone.

Next Live Class will be tomorrow Feb 6th at 4PM PT California Time

They will be live at:

Bring your questions. All class will be recorded and on uploaded to

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You can find links to the Syllabus and the book we are using at

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You can find guides for the experimental part of the class at


Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO


Hoi zäme,

grad gesehen, dass sich da scheinbar eine neue gruppe formiert, Hacking Bio/Electro Meet-up Kick-off.

Am dienstag 19te Feb im BQM. ich selbst werde schon aunderwägs sein nach SF.



and watching this…


We plan to discuss the paper “Dynamic Personalities of Proteins”:

The livestream will begin at 4PM at

All kits have been shipped out by now so if you haven’t received it yet, you should soon.

See you there,

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO

Factories and employees

i just found this exensive article on Medium about DIYbio - Almost Everything You Need to Know About “Biohacking”. It’s pretty well written, looks into the history, misses out quite a few things. but also clearly states that it’s a personal and US-biased article. but still quite a lot of good links to resources, stores, articles and initiatives.


So on Tuesday there was this kickoff meetup in Zurich, bio/electro hacking group. A bunch of people met, some work in a lab at the university hospital, some from the FabLab Zurich, some from Swiss Mechatronic Art / Hackteria and some with a general interest to learn about bio-hacking.

We briefly spoke about the Odin biohacking class, and I said that I would like to see more hands on experiments or demos on how to handle stuff like pipettes etc in their video streams rather than talk only. (Like, a lot of YouTubers eg in electronics or material science show and comment in great detail what they do on their benches / in their workshops.) And someone in the meetup responded that maybe the Odin people don’t do that because if they gave away “too much information” in the form of concrete demos, they might be held responsible if someone duplicates what they did and fucks up and/or releases some harmful stuff into the world.

I think that’s an interesting point, and I wonder if that is really the reason why the class is kind of theoretical, not hands on?


Updates from Odin:

There is no live class this week so it is a good chance to catch up.

Keep an eye on the Syllabus:

You can find all live-streamed classes at:

Next Month we start genetic engineering. Be sure not to miss our class with Dr. George Church on March 20th at 4PM PT California time.


Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO

And for those interested we meet again on Friday March 1st inside Baggenstoss/Rudolfsstudio, pls get in contact with him for further information. I will try to pass by shortly inbetween my pause at work to meet Claudia Rupprecht as well.

See you guys, lets keep up the studies!


The class is much hands on and depends on the action and responsability of the participents, pls forward them the link from The Odin Youtube chanel. It needs a lot of concentration to follow up the classes. The Lab security situation is a different question, so I would say learning by doing with the right equipments, which we have! And about the anxiety of releasing something into the world, its about security and awareness about it. We all got pressure cookers at home, its called autoclavation process and we all got human rational thinking, bit of creativity and good instincts, trust and hope, right?


Dear All

Here is a Mail from Odin incomming, that there will be an intermediate class , after this one is finishing.

I forward you here:

Biohacker 101 and Biohacker 102

Our classes are back and will start again in early May!

Biohacker 101 runs people through the basics to teach them how to begin genetic engineering.

Biohacker 102 is an intermediate class that teaches people how to engineer and work with DNA and use companies to sequencing and synthesis what you need for your own project.


hoi zäme,

da gabs doch diesen anseren schweizer teilnehmer am kurs… irgendwo in kanton bern oder so.
hab den kontakt / website grad nicht mehr gefunden. kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?



Hello All
NEXT GATHERING @ Baggenstoss/Rudolf Studio:
Thursday 14. March

we will have visitors from Claudia Rupprecht, Departement für Aball und Entsorgung, Swissfed

please feel free to ask all questions regarding security issues on diyBIO practise in switzerland
to collect questions:



Letzigraben 114
CH-8047 Zürich

Tel +41 (0)43 931 70 85
Tel M +41 (0)79 383 40 69

E-Mail: baggenstos.rudolf[<at>]gmx[<dot>]ch


Wednesday 20th March

Next Upcomming ONLINE CLASS with Josiah Zayner is with a guest speaker, George Church:
feel free to participate

here about the documentation CODE OF WILD with George Church and Zosiah Zayner partaking u.a.

George Church is known as the Founder of Synthetic Biology. He is a professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health sciences and Technology at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) He is Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Center on Bioenergy at Harvard and MIT and Director of the National Institutes of Health Center of Excellence in Genomic Science at Harvard.
George is widely recognized for his innovative contributions to genomic science and his many pioneering contributions to chemistry and biomedicine. In 1984, he developed the first direct genomic sequencing method, which resulted in the first commercial genome sequence (the human pathogen, H. pylori). He helped initiate the Human Genome Project in 1984 and the Personal Genome Project in 2005. George invented the broadly applied concepts of molecular multiplexing and tags, homologous recombination methods, and array DNA synthesizers.

Find more information by watching youtube videos or reading some of his scientific papers. Don’t miss tuning into the LIVE AMA on March 20th at 4pm PST.

collecting questions:


update and reminder for tonights class 1 am join question/answer class with George Church

We have shipped your final packages for Month 3 and Month 4

Please email if you have any issues with receiving your packages.

Experiments and readings for Month 3 can be found at:

Dr. George Church will be joining us today, March 20th 2019 at 4PM PT California time. He will be doing a live chat stream so bring your questions!

George Church is a professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health sciences and Technology at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) He is Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Center on Bioenergy at Harvard and MIT and Director of the National Institutes of Health Center of Excellence in Genomic Science at Harvard.

Biohacker 102 class is available for sign-ups. We will teach you how to purify, design and sequence your own DNA.

Classes start April 30th and run for 2 months.

Hope all is well,

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO