Biohacking 101 rebooted

Hi everyone

I´m going to restart the biohacking self-learn course from Biohacking 101 Class happening NOW. If you are interested, feel free to join in.

Course Material
A fresh box with the “Bioengineering 101 Beginner Kit” from The Odin.

We should be able to do the experiments together, maybe use some of the leftovers from the previous kit. Access to the online material and lectures can be shared, there is a physical copy of the book “Molecular Biology of the Cell” at the Bitwäscherei. I have my own copy at home or you could find it as PDF online.

Start Date
Going to start with the course is as soon as the kit arrives, which should hopefully be in the beginning of November.

Best Regards

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Hi Sarif,
my name is Pia and I`m a student from Denmark. I would like to have some info about the course but I´m totally new and I don´t know anything. Could you please tell me where can i found information about it? It will be an online course?

Thanks a lot
Pia S.

hei pia,

this is the class and kit offered by the odin.

we are planning to do a local edition of it, independant from the online class, that is offered regularly.


hey Mark!

do you know if there is an eu supplier?

hope all is lovely,

why? just order it from wherever it’s delivered…

A couple of reasons.

—in Denmark, we pay exorbitant admin fees on top of our import taxers on anything that costs over €20. This can be prohibitive for people who have less cash to spare.

—I am not in that case. I’m in the rather privileged case of being an academic, who sometimes has budget for these things, but I am also spending public funds and need to be responsible for how they are spent. (And the rules of my institution state that if something is available in Europe, I need to buy it in Europe)

I was asking more for the first case though, for my students, and others who might be interested.


in fact the kit by the-odin is by far the cheapest out there!
300$ including all the stuffs, some equipment and an online class for almost nothing… and it’s only available from US. ohter places or buying the stuff individually could easily cost more than 1000 EUR.

but more and more kits and classes are appearing these days. stay tuned.

(last time we asked to get it for free… and check, we got it!)

Hi everyone

The package has arrived. I’ll need some time to read up on the course material and see how/when the experiments in the lab have to be carried out. If someone is still interested, I can share access to the online course material.

Best Regards



Now a few other people have contacted us and want to learn / experiment with these kits.

We scheduled a first “get-to-know-each-other” and meet-up at the Open Science Lab, this coming sunday.

Sunday 15th November 2020
12-16h at Bitwäscherei, Hackteria Open Science Lab

Looking forward to get rolling!


Hello everyone

I’ve been participating in various Hacteria and Gaudilabs activities in the past.
Looking forwarrd to join the “get-to-know-each-other” and meet-up at the Open Science Lab on Sunday :wink:

Cheers, Stefan

Was great to meet you all!
Let’s start to schedule and plan the upcoming activites and setup a local fast communication channel.
Please add all the peeps to this forum too!
and send me an email to create an account for the Hackteria wiki for all of you individually.

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Thank you. I will be happy to join the group.

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Hi everyone

As you can see from the picture posted by @dusjagr, we had our first meeting. Experiments will be conducted on a weekly basis, every Monday at 18.30, starting 23.11. Some experiments need more than one day, scheduling will be adapted when needed. I’m currently we only one with a (new) kit from The Odin, but someone else bought one and might join us. As this is a local event, we organize everything else via Telegram. If you want to join on a later date, leave a post here or write me a DM.

Best Regards

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