Call for Artist-in-Residence in Swiss: Textile and Design Alliance

There is a new Residency programme in Switzerland, focusing on art and textile industry.
based in the eastern part, Arbon, St. Gallen etc…

“Do you work in the fields of visual art, design, architecture, literature, performing arts or on transdisciplinary projects and have a strong interest in textile production and its context? Then the innovative Artist in Residence Programme TaDA offers you a unique opportunity to work together with renowned textile companies in Eastern Switzerland. TaDA is a joint cultural promotion programme run by the cantons of St.Gallen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Thurgau.”

The aim of the Textile and Design Alliance is to enable constructive and creative encounters between contemporary art practitioners on the one hand and representatives of the traditional and yet high-tech textile production of Eastern Switzerland on the other. The residency facilitates the transfer of know-how and creative exchange with experts in textile manufacturing.
Six candidates from Switzerland and abroad are offered the opportunity to work with textile companies in Eastern Switzerland for two to three months, to use a local studio and to build a new network in an unusual context. During the annual “Summer Academy” with international experts and speakers, you will be able to discuss your project with peers and specialists and also present it to a broad audience.

They offer studio space and accommodation… but of course… Switzerland is expensive, and they write “Contribution to the cost of living”, no number mentioned in the call.

@corinna.mattner, @weiweiweiwear Maybe we can even think of a project that we share interests together.


I heard from the organizer that “Contribution to the cost of living” should be 2000.- CHF / month. wich is kinda decent, as accommodation, travel is also covered.