Contact list (+ goodbye)

Would people be interested in doing some kind of contact list? Maybe a Google doc. I got some people’s emails but I feel like there were others that I meant to exchange contact information with but never got a chance. Would others be into that?

Also – BYE! … I went away this afternoon and didn’t realize I’d be gone all day, and I leave for the airport early tomorrow, which means I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to everyone. It was great to meet you all.
(And thank you especially to Marc, Bruno, and Gaby for making this happen and giving me the opportunity to take part! I hope you all get a vacation now!)

Stay in touch, and say hi if you’re in the San Francisco area!

in fact we have something like a contact list :slight_smile:

the forum allows direct messaging, but yes, i would be great to share another full list.
which in fact… is already created through the responses from the registration.

and sorry, but it’s accessible to the world as a gdoc.

Please inform us if you DON’T want your mail adress to be shared!!!

Thanks for this, a most valuable and needed resource. Merci beaucoup.

It was so wonderful to meet everyone. If anyone wants to connect via other channels, my phone number is (415) 827-5110, and my snail-mail address is 1000 El Camino Real, Campus Box 9203, Atherton, CA, 94027, États unis de l’impérialisme

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