OpenSpaceLab 2021

Hi folks,

I’ve started my M.Sc. in computational biology at ETH recently. I’m interested in getting some wet lab experience and working on some simple projects (e.g. yeast genetic engineering). Hence the question: is the lab still operational?


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Hei Sasha

The lab is open and welcoming projects from outside. We are regularly irregularly meeting on Monday evening from 18h on. There is plenty of room and capacity for ideas like yours though we work on a DIY manner which means you wI’ll need to reorganize your workshops. Pls feel free to come visit and take some first hands on tinkering. I could Gove you a short introduction into the lab equipment.
All best

That’s awesome! When would be a good time to do a visit?

Update: I’m planning to come by to your meeting at ~6pm today. Is that ok?