Transplanatary habitats confence-abstract deadline 30th Jan

I have just come accross this…short timeline for an abstract (tommorow the 30th).
Why should you be interested?
The subject is close to many of our hearts…and its in my city of residence. I have only recently become aware of the centre that hosts it, (Hub for Biotechnology in the Built environment), so have yet to investigate ties with it, or to work out how deeply they are engaging with artists…but given Rachel Armstrong , Professor of Experimental Architecture is one of their lead academics is an artist amongst other things…it should be fine.

"Potential presentation topics might include but are not limited to:

● Multi-species narratives and relations to sustain human and other-than-human life in transplanetary habitats;

● Use of biotechnology and bio-design to ensure and support safety, sustainability, habitability, reliability, and crew efficiency, productivity and comfort in extreme environments off and on Earth;

● Speculative ethics for companionship between humanity and other-than-humans within transplanetary habitats;

● Sociotechnical considerations in propagating and sustaining earth life beyond Earth environments;

● Innovative material-driven processes for the design of transplanetary habitats;

● Sustainable living on Earth through a holistic system thinking approach.