Stage 4 biotech student

Hey everyone,

I’m a biotech student and I have to do a stage for my bachelor’s degrees.
I’m supposed to do it in a company or industry but I’d rather work in a biohack lab as I think it’d be a much more interesting experience.
Does anyone know of biohacking labs around Europe that take university students as interns?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey, great idea!

There might be room for you in our space in Zurich this summer. For when and for how long would that internship be scheduled?

The current focus lies on fungi material (3D-printing of bigger objects such as furniture, plastic replacement (f.i. chitosan), mushroom leather, etc.), modular music systems and the union of these two things.

If these things are of interest to you let me know ^^

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Hey! That sounds great!

The stage should be 4 to 6 weeks long and has to be in a place that follows the guidlines for “Ausbildungsbetriebe” (aka training organisations).
I was thinking of doing my stage either this summer in August or next year.

Could you please direct me to a webpage where I can get more infos about your space in Zürich? :slight_smile:


Is this the lab you’re talking about?
I was looking for a way to contact the people there, couldn’t find an email address though.

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